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Wylie Northeast Special Utility District's goal is to use sound management and fiscal practices to provide safe, high quality water and wastewater services to customers at a reasonable price.

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Scheduled Chlorine Maintenance

NTMWD will be conducting a chlorine maintenace from March 13, 2017 through April 10, 2017.  The reason for the maintnance is to reduce the need for flushing during the warmer months, thus conserving water.  Wylie Northeast will continuously monitor the water quality to ensure it meets or exceeds state and federal standards.  The chlorine maintenance does not have a negative effect on water quality; the water remains safe for use and consumption.  During the maintenance period, consumers who are sensitive to odor or taste changes in the water might notice a stronger smell or taste of chlorine.  These palatability changes do not alter the quality of the drinking water that we are providing.  

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Superior Water Rating

In December 2015, Wylie Northeast received notice that we have met the requirements of a Superior Public Water System rating from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  In the water business, this recognition is the highest accolade that a system can achieve.  

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1 Trillion Gallons of Water

1 Trillion Gallons of Water

1 Trillion Gallons of Water.

Sometimes when we hear numbers that large, it's hard to really conceive of what they mean. How much water is 1 trillion gallons, really?
Well, 1 trillion gallons of water is:

  • the amount of water in about 40 million swimming pools. 
  • the amount of water in about 24 billion baths.
  • the amount of water in Florida's Lake Okeechobee (669 square miles).
  • the amount of water used in one year by 11 million homes.

AND . . . 

  • the amount of water wasted every year by household water leaks. Washington Post

That's really an astounding figure. Every year, enough water to serve 11 million homes is needlessly wasted. (EPA ) Down the drain. That leaky faucet or constantly-running toilet is more than just an annoyance; it is wasting water at an alarming rate. 

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