About Us

At Wylie Northeast S.U.D., our goal is to use sound management and fiscal practices to provide safe, high quality water and wastewater services to customers at a reasonable price.


  • Bills are due by the 15th of every month.  This date does not change.  If you do not receive your bill in a timely manner, please contact our office before the due date.
  • A late fee of $10 or 5% (whichever is greater) will be assessed on the 16th of every month if your account is past due.  If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, late fees are applied the following Monday. 
  • ACH bank drafts are done on or about the 15th of every month.
  • Meters are read on or around the 24th of every month.
  • Bills are sent out on or around the 30th of every month.
  • Shut offs are done on or around the 30th of every month.


  • If you would like to receive text notifications from us pertaining to your water account, text YES to phone number 68453.  Message rates may apply from your carrier.
  • When moving, a Service Discontinuance form must be filled out to avoid additional charges to your account and give us a forwarding address for your deposit refund.
  • You can follow us on Twitter @WylieNESud
  • Our web address is www.wylienortheastwater.com.  You can pay your bill at no charge, see account history and stay updated on what is going on with your water.
  • You can contact us via email at cs@wylienortheastwater.com.


If your water is shut off and locked for non-payment, there will be a $100 disconnect / reconnect fee immediately charged to the account.  You will be required to bring your account current; to a zero balance.  At that point you will owe at least the following:

Past due amount + Current billed amount + Late fees + Disconnect / Reconnect fees